Niche NFP is a supported housing model that provides ‘move on’ homes that are genuinely affordable and, if required, long-term homes for single person households. We are a Not-for-Profit (NFP). Our management approach and support not only satisfies the new legal obligations of Local Authorities under the HRA but also prevents homelessness. Niche NFP One (The Colonnades) has 74 one bed and studio units providing homes for 78 people.

Single person households are the fastest growing demographic in the UK. By 2033 it is predicted that nearly 1 in 5 of us will be living alone. There are substantial economies of scale concerning the support Niche NFP can offer that come into play when 74 supported tenants’ homes are in a single block; creating bridging relationships, tenant to tenant support, workshops and health service visitations advantages. In this respect Niche NFP is ahead of the curve with our management innovations and believes it has an ‘early adopter’ advantage in the sector. We are happy to discuss our other USP’s and specialist management strategies for identifying and reconciling evolving changes and tensions within the community we create. The social impact of Niche NFP covers 7 key areas, PREVENTING HOMELESSNESS, LONELINESS, DELAYING THE NEED FOR STATUTORY SERVICE INTERVENTION, DEBT MANAGEMENT, MENTAL HEALTH and LIFESTYLE RELATED ILLNESSES.