This is a link to the Crisis – “Moving On” – Executive Summary. It is a version highlighted by Niche PRS to share with you our view on the most shocking and important parts of the Summary and how our housing model has for many years been working hard to resolve these issues for the good of our tenants and for the sustainably of our business model.  The full report can be found on the Crisis website –

The summary, however, is only 8 pages long and well worth the read for anyone who needs to know or indeed be reminded of how bad the situation is out there for single person household (SPH) and unfortunately still getting worse.

Do we believe the Homeless Reduction Act (HRA) will be enough to make a significant difference to SPHs or do Local Authorities need to be more innovative and creative in how they transform the delivery of affordable homes?

Faced with a system that is failing to house more and more people year on year, can we really expect to turn the tides with tweaks, refinements and Personal Housing Plans? We need to encourage and urge Local Authorities to try new solutions, bold out-of-the-box solutions if needs be (and the need surely is blatantly there- with on average 77,000 SPHs experiencing homelessness each night). However, this would require we also accept inevitable failures and mistakes? Mistakes with good intentions are currently feared through a potential backlash by the media or the public, yet, it is said ‘ the first sign of madness is doing the same thing time and  time again and expecting a different result’ and this is where many LA’s find themselves year on year with a worsening social outcomes for the very people the LA’s were created to serve.

Is today’s climate with a chronic lack of homes for so many conducive to a solution driven exploration of ideas outside the tried tested and failing commissioned options?

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